A clarification on votes by acclamation

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After re-watching the Official Nominatory Event again, I feel compelled to point out that motions to vote by acclamation almost never happen when it’s going to be close. Such motions are intended to speed up a lengthy process by converting from roll call vote to voice vote. If one side responds in a thunderous manner, then a good chairperson will recognize the consensus right away and make the decision official. If the “ayes” and “nays” are closely matched, though, then the roll call will continue.

When Hillary moved to accept Barack’s nomination by acclamation, the number of seconds was deafening, and the aye votes moreso. The coverage I saw (C-SPAN, of course) had no audible nay vote, so Nancy Pelosi was correct to call it for the ayes (barring MASSIVE MEDIA CONSPIRACY OMGWTFBBQ).

Also: in parliamentary procedure, the term is “move”. Say “Hillary moved”; don’t say “Hillary made a motion”. The term “move” is correct, easier for you to use, and a hell of a lot clearer for your audience. (Plus, it keeps me from grinding my teeth every time you talk.)

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