Yup, I still exist.

Sorry. Been busy with house and work and school and band and garden and Wikipedia and Inauguration and California and and and and. You know the drill. Still around, though, and getting the blogging bug again. This’ll have to be a short post, though, as I have much to do yet tonight (like watch a […] […]

Brief house update

Shortly before our second closing date, we discovered that the sellers’ sewer cabling had caused the house’s sewer lateral to collapse. (It’s irrelevant whether the collapse was a direct or indirect result of the cabling, so we didn’t bother pursuing.) The sellers agreed to pay to remedy the problem and extend our rate lock, and […] […]

New dog + house purchase = no blog posts

I know, two months. Sorry. I’ve never exactly been consistent here, though, so this particular hiatus was unexpected but not unprecedented. We adopted Kooper and have been working on getting him fully adjusted to us, and us fully adjusted to him. He’s bigger than we had planned, and his size does make him a little […] […]

Yes, I have been blogslacking. Again.

Let’s get past that and on to the real content, shall we? Since mid-March… hrm. Concert with Ann Hampton Callaway at the Roberts Orpheum fka the American Theatre. (I was giddier about the balcony on stage right where Eddie Vedder swung around in the video for [I think] “Alive”.) Managed to appear for roughly 3.2 […] […]

Um, and again.

I did mention a major project, right? Well, unfortunately, it was major enough that I couldn’t really update all y’all. Sorry. It’s over now, mostly. Since the last update… well, Ed got married, I got engaged to Fred, I keep moving up in the Wikipedia active-poster rankings, my workouts are becoming shorter but more intense, […] […]