Review of the New Year’s dish; also, ginger snow

As a refresher, please see my earlier post on this topic. Also, to reduce confusion, I will use the term “zapped” to refer to the heat that comes from chiles or horseradish or other such foods, and the term “hot” to refer to food that has a high temperature. After soaking the peas for about […] […]

Too much ginger; trying a curry again

Fred’s folks came over to our place for Yule this year. I made the roast (tofurkey!) and cranberry sauce, while they brought some squash, some potato pancakes, and the dessert. The food turned out great, though I had a bit of a problem with the nifty cranberry-sauce recipe I got from Whole Foods. Turns out […] […]

Further baked-pasta experimentation

As discussed here previously, we’ve been attempting to reconfigure our favorite recipes in a meatless style. Last week we did further testing on veg adaptations of baked rigatoni with béchamel. In this attempt, we removed the half-pound of prosciutto (as before) and replaced it with about a quarter pound of cremini mushroom caps, cleaned and […] […]

And a minor drink-related rant while I’m thinking about it.

Over the weekend Fred and I finally celebrated our first wedding anniversary by going out for a nice dinner. We arrived at the restaurant and perused the drink menu, with my eye immediately landing on “Cucumber martini” with Hendrick’s listed as the first component. I am a gin boy, and I enjoy Hendrick’s, so I […] […]

Re-working recipes, round one

Last night was the first attempt to re-do some of our favorite recipes in a more vegetarian style. I think this’ll probably work best if you can see where we started — my adaptation of Giada de Laurentiis’s baked rigatoni with béchamel. Baked Rigatoni with Béchamel, non-veg style Béchamel — makes four cups 5 tbsp […] […]