Displaced, temporarily

At work, we’re expanding our server room by bringing the entrance wall about a meter forward. This will give enough room so that both my boss and I can stand comfortably in there at the same time; it will also allow us to get behind and around servers as necessary. However, while the room is […] […]

Why energy efficiency is about more than just saving the planet

The quick version of this post: energy efficiency saves you money, stupidhead. The long version: Look. We all know gas prices are ridiculous, and that market forces are going to be scrambling to catch up for a while, and that there are environmental reasons to be energy-efficient, blah blah blah. Much of our collective problem, […] […]

As if you needed another reason to use Firefox

It’s even written in the stars. […]

New server is up

The new server (still named “rupaul”) is in place. It is quite a bit smaller and quieter than the old server (“pangloss”), and it figures to save us a few bucks on the electric bill. All told, the upgrade project cost around $75. Both parts I ordered (PCMCIA USB 2.0 card [link] and an external […] […]

Wax teeth, et al.

Just as the pain and swelling from the one tooth subsided, another tooth elsewhere in the mouth started making trouble. In a lovely little bit of placement, though, this one is on the jaw itself and has a sharp edge that scrapes up the left side of my tongue. Scraped-up tongues tend to swell, and […] […]