I swear, there’s something very Brownian going on in my head.

I just can’t focus on a damned thing, thanks to all manner of random activity in my brain today. Hopefully I can alleviate this by dumping core here. I am semi-secretly stoked that geekslut has returned to blogging. Wikipedia’s completed its upgrade to v1.5, thank God. Now I can breathe easily and go back to […] […]

Quick screed-moment

Two of ’em, referred to me by others. Juan Cole throws down. Day-um. I almost feel sorry for Jonah Goldberg. Why hate-crime laws are necessary, or “some motives are more reprehensible than others, fuckheads”. (The word “fuckheads” never appears in that [excellent] post. i just like it.) […]

Random ramblings.

I just need to get these things off my chest. My new candy obsession: Liquorice Altoids. They are not for the faint of heart, and especially not for you poor misguided souls who think that Twizzlers are “licorice”. (um, NO. they are most certainly NOT.) I’ve become fascinated lately with two blogs, The Rude Pundit […] […]

Quick, interesting reads

’cause this upgrade process is about to require some jeem-lovin’. Co-ed. Jell-O. Wrestling. AT THE SOUTH POLE. Friggin’ brilliant. I was originally going to post the Salon.com iteration of Dan Savage’s response to Gov. McGreevey’s resignation, but R* points me to the Guardian’s reprint that doesn’t require a “day pass”. but then again, R* also […] […]

Short bits

War and Piece covers the possibilities of Kerry foreign policy. (Don’t remember where I stumbled across this one.) The NYT has the text of Al Sharpton’s speech. Quite good, really. (Thanks, Kristie.) […]