When Margaret Cho speaks, all the little boys sit up and listen.

Well, OK. All the little boys of a certain orientation, winkwinknudgenudgesaynomore, sit up and listen. First: “Don’t Stalk CZJ!“, an impassioned plea to leave Catherine Zeta-Jones aLONE. Second: a bit on Donald Rumsfeld’s evasiveness, entitled “Indignant, Ignant Rumsfeld“. It’s sort of eerily timed because, for the past several weeks, I’ve been having dreams in which […] […]

Ack. So far behind.

So I’m doing another bullet-point list. (Quit whining and read, dammit!) The Onion discusses a potential downside to Massachusetts marriage equality. As is standard for The Onion, it’s quite good. A recent post on a Wikipedia mailing list pointed me to “What Makes a Fuckhead?“; this should be required reading for anybody with any administrative […] […]

Bulleted lists are good for the soul.

Is this in fact the twilight of the PC era? With all the buzz about big überglorious supercomputers, there are more voices questioning the traditional FLOP metrics and suggesting that maybe we should think of supercomputers in a different light. Are micropayments the future of the Internet economy? Perhaps. Read and ponder. Is Linus Torvalds […] […]


So I met R* last night for our proto-date. Had amazing Korean food (at a “secret” place, whose location I have been instructed not to reveal), “scintillating” conversation, and Pocky, a delicious Japanese snack which unfortunately has little English-language explanation on the Web. And apparently kim chee breath is very sexy. *ahem* After the proto-date […] […]