My spoon is too big.

Lots of posts brewing. In the meantime, though, enjoy this: Rejected […]

Everything else that has happened

Where to start… +++ Had the chorus show. It turned out a hell of a lot better than I expected — apparently a lot of guys had been cramming lyrics ‘n’ tunes all day both Friday and Saturday — and the audience was very responsive. The snowstorm kept a lot of people home on Saturday […] […]

Oh, the things we learn when we’re least expecting to learn anything…

Today, I learned that “estilo Detroit”, or “Detroit-style”, is Spanish slang for anal intercourse, by play on the word “detrás” (meaning “behind”). Wikipedia has the details. Armed with this important knowledge, I went and Googled that phrase. I’m trying now to decide which result has the best unintentionally-funny use of the term. Early leaders are […] […]

More from /dev/random

Wildly distracted at the moment, so this’ll be fast. Apparently, this very site comes up when one searches for “nude boy and asparagus”. No friggin’ clue why. Got the home network infrastructure mostly in place; just waiting on the eBay-purchased 802.11g AP to arrive via UPS (scheduled for Friday). Now, to tinker with Samba. Also […] […]

Everything Mao!

I swear, Mao Tse Tung is gradually sticking his ghostly nose into every facet of my life. So far, just in the past 24 hours: the jokes cracked in a particular online community about a “cordial revolution” (signing letters with “Cordially” in defiance of company policy) which led to a half-baked idea about making little […] […]