Upcoming events

Busy week ahead. Tonight’s a final in theology, my least favorite class in a long time. Tomorrow night I have the option of taking a final in psychology, but I’m skipping it because the prof is dropping our lowest individual test score and because I have 78/80 on every single test so far (which is […] […]

Wax teeth, et al.

Just as the pain and swelling from the one tooth subsided, another tooth elsewhere in the mouth started making trouble. In a lovely little bit of placement, though, this one is on the jaw itself and has a sharp edge that scrapes up the left side of my tongue. Scraped-up tongues tend to swell, and […] […]

Everything else that has happened

Where to start… +++ Had the chorus show. It turned out a hell of a lot better than I expected — apparently a lot of guys had been cramming lyrics ‘n’ tunes all day both Friday and Saturday — and the audience was very responsive. The snowstorm kept a lot of people home on Saturday […] […]

Catching up

OK. Here goes. This coming weekend is the Gateway Men’s Chorus holiday show, which we’re doing with an interim director who’s rather good but who is probably feeling a bit overwhelmed by some of the poor habits that were tolerated by prior directors. (for example, I don’t know half the material and the show opens […] […]

I should be scaling back, not escalating

Spent much of the past work-week buried in documentation. As it turns out, there are a lot of routine-to-me tasks that my co-workers haven’t performed in a long time, if ever. I’ll probably be spending my last week at the old job madly scribbling notes on how things should work. Surprisingly, there has been no […] […]