August-o-rama and the Septem-bration!

It’s that time again – time to scour my analog reports for interesting search queries! (I smushed the August and September monthly stat compilations together for this post, ’cause September was just generally nutso.) modelboys Sicko. Get your pr0n fix elsewhere. sarah steelman Ran for state treasurer on a platform of “no gay marriage 3V4R!”, […] […]

How’d you get here?

July’s search engine results. I’m beginning to think May’s were just flukily good. jimmy jumpy Perhaps you were looking for a Johnny Jump-Up, that fabu baby exerciser that consists of a cloth seat and some badass elastic bands. modelboys Since including that term, I have discovered that yes, there is a pr0n site by that […] […]

June search queries (annotated)

These aren’t as good as May’s, damn it. Unfortunately, it looks like all the results with the lowest hit counts were left unlisted by analog, and based on what I remember from my occasional trips through the access logfile, all the good stuff only had one or two hits. *sigh.* kerry t shirts Check out […] […]

May search queries (annotated)

As promised. (Yes, I’m posting these partially because of Carl, but mostly because of their contents. You’ll see.) Um, it’s called the Address Bar. You don’t need to go to Google or Yahoo! or MSN Search for everything. john kerry t shirts Speaking of which, I didn’t submit any. Couldn’t quite get my idea […] […]