Minor weather-related update

I know that the news has had many reports of flooding in Missouri and the rest of the Midwest. Just wanted to say that the city of St. Louis is fine; most of the really bad flooding is either on the edges of the metropolitan area or in outlying rural areas that are generally downstream […] […]

Everything else that has happened

Where to start… +++ Had the chorus show. It turned out a hell of a lot better than I expected — apparently a lot of guys had been cramming lyrics ‘n’ tunes all day both Friday and Saturday — and the audience was very responsive. The snowstorm kept a lot of people home on Saturday […] […]

tropical depression

Yup, we’re getting rain from the tropical depression formerly known as Hurricane Dennis. This will not be a big thing for my coastal readers. However, I should remind you that I am in St. Louis — currently six hundred miles (a thousand kilometers) from the shore. […]

Attention Pacific Northwest: please claim your weather…

because it isn’t supposed to rain like this in the Midwest! We expect hail and tornadoes and just general wrath-of-God stuff with our rain, not this steady downpour for three days crap. What’s going on here? Where’s the ark? While I’m thinking about it – Midwesterners, it’s just water. You aren’t going to melt if […] […]


Spent the weekend at Strassenfest eating knackwurst and drinking beer while hanging around outside and watching people and their dogs. The weather was abnormally mild, so it was a great time. (Normally it’s pushing 100 degrees Fahrenheit [about 40 Celsius] and around 90% humidity, and the guys in lederhosen start to smell iffy. And there […] […]